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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is Imago Relationship Therapy, and how does marital/couples counseling work?
  2. How does psychotherapy work?
  3. How does hypnotherapy work?
  4. How do I make an appointment?
  5. When are appointments available?
  6. What is the cost of psychotherapy?
  7. Do you accept insurance?

What is Imago Relationship Therapy, and how does marital/couples counseling work?

It is my firm belief that relationship work requires a new interpersonal process to restructure communication, provide clearer understanding and empathy, to make change, and to maximize growth in the relationship. In order to make necessary changes in a relationship while maximizing growth, new skills need to be learned and employed so that greater relationship satisfaction is possible.

Within my practice, I utilize the Imago Relationship Therapy, co-created by Harville Hendrix, PhD, and Helen Lakelly-Hunt, PhD. Imago (ih-MAH-go) is uniquely focused on individual growth through committed relationships. "Imago is not just a theory of wishful thinking," says Harville Hendrix. "It is a tried and true way to create the passionate friendship you've always wanted."

My clients have found the Imago Relationship Therapy to be useful with all of their relationship issues, including lack of affection in a marriage, problems and conflicts related to sexuality, parenting/family conflicts, dealing with extramarital relationships, chronic patterns of dysfunctional communication, and anger management issues. Partnership dynamics described in heterosexual relationships apply to all intimate relationships, regardless of sexual orientation. 

My experience has been that couples grasp and see the benefits of this form of treatment right from the very first consultation. Through examining and exploring the same issues and conflicts within the Imago Relationship Therapy framework, couples finally begin to slow down their communication and start listening to each other, often for the first time in a very long while or for the first time ever. Hope and trust begin to be restored and strengthened.

Couples often state that they gain insight, understanding, and confidence in their communication and problem-solving skills, which in turn they apply to formulating new action plans that address the needed changes in their relationship.

Imago Relationship Therapy additionally targets how each individual's coping skills, developed early in life, connect to their current relationship struggles. Through uncovering this historical connection to current relationship themes, couples learn to untangle the underpinnings that impact their ways of relating on an unconscious level. 

My experience gives me the confidence to say that couples who are committed to saving their relationship will learn the skills they need to create a new, healthy, viable love relationship, one which embodies healthy ways of dealing with conflict and accentuates the couple's unique strengths.

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How does psychotherapy work?

Through a comprehensive interview and assessment, conflicts, issues, and concerns may be identified, and treatment goals can be determined. The psychotherapy treatment process and therapeutic relationship should feel safe and respectful.  The psychotherapeutic relationship, coupled with various treatment approaches, offers a practical and effective way for life enhancement, allowing you to fulfill aspirations for personal growth, practical problem solving and self-improvement.

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How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy is a way to reach information that is linked to the cause of the conflicts and problems. It is a way for the individual to re-connect with lost emotions and the forgotten parts of themselves. By remembering and re-connecting with these lost emotions and lost parts of self, we can often more effectively heal current problems and conflicts.

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How do I make an appointment?

For an initial consultation, contact me by phone (410-227-3812) or e-mail.Often, I answer my business line directly unless I am in session. Should I not be immediately available, please leave a message as to when you will be available for my return call. My response time for call backs is usually within the same day. Frequency of appointments will be discussed at the time of initial consultation. Couples counseling is usually every other week for an hour and twenty minutes following the initial consultation. Individual therapy is usually weekly for a fifty minute session.

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When are appointments available?

I have office hours in Annapolis only on Mondays during the day. Scheduled appointments are available during weekdays on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at my Columbia office location. Some evening appointments are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays at my Columbia office location.

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What is the cost of psychotherapy?

Fees vary, based upon the type of services provided. Payment is due upon receipt of service. Payment is accepted in the form of check or cash. NO CREDIT CARDS ARE ACCEPTED AS PAYMENT.

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Do you accept insurance?

Full payment for services is expected at the time the services are provided. A billing receipt is given upon payment, which in turn may be submitted by the client to their insurance company. Out- of -network health benefits may reimburse for services provided if you have a PPO health insurance plan. In-network insurance is NOT accepted as I am not a panel provider for HMO health care companies. Some treatment services rendered are eligible for out-of-network insurance plan for reimbursement, as I am a licensed, certified social worker. Please contact your health care company to check if treatment services are insurance reimburseable. Further, I would suggest that client's check to see if authorization of any kind is required for reimbursement of services or if a treatment plan is required. Insurance reimbursement is the responsibility of the client.



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